Thursday, April 20, 2006

The Venger: Profile Rising

Well work is progressing on the second issue of The Venger: Dead Man Rising. Tim and I have been putting in 110% to make this book even better than the first. So I thought I would take this time to catch up on all the Venger projects in the works. Here we go.....

This is the preliminary cover for The Venger: Dead Man Rising #2. The cover was drawn by Jason Ossman. It continues the same style and format from issue 1- the iconic image and single color scheme.

The main story for this issue will be the normal 22 pages. But like #1 I will be including some extra stuff like pin-ups and behind the scenes stuff. I really want to be sure you all get your money's worth when buying a Venger book.

This is the cover to the often mentioned Venger Special. The oversized special is titled The Venger: Sins and Secrets. The cover is drawn by Marco Rudy. The special will allow me to delve into the background of the characters in ways I can't in the main book. It will contain- 'Deadly Beginnings Prologue' with art by Rudy Vasquez, 'The Venger: Dead End' starring the original Venger with art by Michael Grey, 'Past Imperfect- No Mercy' featuring Black Mercy with art by Mike McMahon as well as a pulp-style prose Venger story, pin-ups and more!

Here is the image that will be used for Ronin Variations Presents- The Venger. The painted cover was done by Nelz. It will feature the Venger story 'The Venger: Dead Man's Revenge'.

This is the book that features a single story produced by three distinctly stylized art teams. The artists are- Ben Harvey/Michael Grey, Mike MacMahon and Victor Cabenalas.

The story takes place both in the past and in the present and stars both Vengers.

And finally this unfinished cover is by Dario Carrasco. It will be used for my latest Venger project- The Venger Casebook. This will be a sort of 'Secret Files' of the Venger universe.

As such you can expect to see entries for all the characters, background information and pictures etc. Plus I'll also have a story or two in there as well.

This is the project that is the most in the development stage. I'm not 'married' to the name The Venger Casebook either so that may change as more work is completed on it
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

hate to be a nit picker but the character on the cover of the green venger cover is drawn horribly. Her arms are anatomically impossible as well as the turn arounds for the toys. The guys legs are cut short. If youre actually serious about doing toys, make sure you re-edit and do several passes. It maybe photoshoped but its definitely not professional. :P but keep up the good work dude. the hard work!

1:13 AM, October 04, 2006  
Blogger Matt Spatola said...

Well I don't want to get into a big thing here but I would have to disagree onyour comments. The cover looks OK to me. She is pulling the gun out of her holster- I have received numerous positives about this. Also I think the turnarounds came out great. They are very professioanl and the toy company is very pleased and excited about developing the series.

8:48 AM, October 04, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The gripe isnt with her reaching for her holster, its her other arm the looks completely odd. I'm trying to mimick her pose in the mirror and my torso would be facing to the side unlike her's which is facing forward.
I just think its wierd looking, not trying to question your industry intuition cuz you definitely are a go getter but maybe you should have an editor whom you trust telling you this.

5:19 PM, October 04, 2006  
Blogger Matt Spatola said...

Thanks for the input on it. When the cover was first created it was reviewed by several people at Ronin and was posted on several sites and boards. Yours has been the only negative comment on it.

6:52 PM, October 04, 2006  

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