Friday, October 02, 2009

The Venger: Dead Man Rising #2 NOW ON SALE

Finally, it is here and ready for purchase. Click on this link to purchase your copy of The Venger: Dead Man Rising #2.  Thanks for your patience and support- much appreciated. So go out there and buy one or two or more, and tell your friends to get their copies as well. Check out this preview of the issue as well.

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Cap is Back!

I have been loving the Captain America: Reborn series so far. Brubaker and Hitch are doing excellent work. It's been a slow build up to Steve's return but we still have a couple more issues to go. But Marvel has solicited this one-shot follow up to the series- Captain America: Who Will Wield the Shield?. This will be written by Brubaker and with art by Butch Guice who is going solo after working with Hitchy on Reborn. I am so eager to get this. Like almost everyone I have been enjoying Bucky's turn as Cap and I feel confident in Bru to keep true to the characters and story. I know he has something planned for Bucky. Anyway, can't wait for the book.

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