Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Well Lookie Here!

Found this pic by Jason Ossman as I was going through my files on the computer. Haven't had the chance to talk much with my old partner lately but hopefully that will change. Maybe I will even be able to coerce something Venger out of him for sometime in the future.

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...and more New Stuff

I've added a couple of more things again. I now have a comics news section with headlines from Broken Frontier. And what I think is really cool is my 'Recommended Reading List' film loop. It just is so cool! it was very simple too, right from photobucket. I just loaded the images at first and after I created a loop added more covers by dragging. I'll be updating that often with stuff I have enjoyed reading and think others should check out too.

Oh yeah and there is the media player I have loaded onto the blog. Now you can watch the Venger trailer onsite! I'll be loading con pictures on there as time goes by and maybe even some noteworthy podcasts.
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