Tuesday, November 01, 2011

National Graphic Novel Writing Month

Well to day is November 1st and when I was online checking out Heavyink.com I saw a tab on the site titled 'NaGraNoWriMo'. I gave it a click and read some of the threads there. Please go and check it out yourself too. By the way Heavyink.com is a great online store and its where I buy all my comics now. Anyway, basically this is about writing a graphic novel or illustrating pages or doing 3 individual issues. Basically its a take on National Novel Writing Month. It's about getting out there and putting on the pressure to yourself to produce and have fun.

So for me I'm going to use this as my starting point on getting back on top of The Venger: Dead Man Rising. The special is almost done and needs a few finishing touches. I'm going to get that done first. Then it will be some serious script revisions for issue #3 of the main series and working with the artist on getting that on track and complete.

I have been busy in my personal and professional life for a while now. And that busyness has really sandbagged this book. I need to fix that. And I will.

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