Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Venger: Deadly Beginnings UPDATE

SDCC is still in full effect. The amount of announcements and news items coming out from the con is crazy. You really can't keep up with everything and I don't see how the publishers in attendance think they will be able to build any traction on their news. As soon as they make an announcement the news cycle is already focused on the next publisher or panel. I think the best shot for the most publicity is to make the announcement at SDCC and then follow up with some more details the week after. Still lots of good clips from Tron: Legacy and Young Justice among others. I have to say I'm most curious so far about the Batman Inc. book from Grant Morrison.

I've continued working on the Venger Special. I just went over some preliminary book designs with Stephen as well as approved the lettering on the 'Crossfire' story. Jun has done the final revisions on the last page for 'Deadly Beginnings'. I've already sent that over to Scott for inks and toning and then when Scott is done that goes to Stephen too for lettering.

I previously posted some of Jun's pencils for 'Deadly Beginnings' and today I have Scott's inked versions.

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