Friday, July 02, 2010

The Venger: Deadly Beginnings

Hey everyone. It's been a busy few weeks of writing for me. I posted another What Looks Good column at so if you get a chance to check that out please do. I also finished the script for The Venger: Crossfire and sent that to the letterer. And finally I finished- I think- the edits of  The Venger vs the Wolfman story. I still need to send those to Barri for his opinion.

Anyway now that the writing update is done I thought I would post some new artwork. These pages are from another story from the Venger Special- The Venger: Deadly Beginnings. The whole creative team from the Black Mercy story has returned to work on this very important story in 'Venger continuity', meaning more fantastic artwork from Jun and Scott. In this story we will get the first part of the origin of the original Venger. Here's a look at two of the penciled pages.

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