Friday, August 07, 2009

The Venger: Sins and Secrets #1 ON SALE

As I mentioned in my previous post the first issue of The Venger: Sins and Secrets is available for sale at To purchase just click on this link or click on the title to this post. Brett and I are very thankful to all the folks who have been following us and this project. Here is the solicit info for the book...

"Undead Rising" The city- in flames. The police force- shattered. With no hope left in stopping the zombie horde from wreaking total destruction who will the people turn to? The Venger! The first issue in a new series telling the Golden Age pulp adventures of the original Venger!

There is darkness and violence and evil in life. Most of the time the system works and all that is held in check. Most of the time. But sometimes the horror cannot be stopped and the innocent need protection and justice and vengeance. And for those times they have...THE VENGER.

Thanks again and remember to order your copy today or buy one directly from Brett at the Chicago Comic-Con this weekend.

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