Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Read First- Blackest Night #1

Just wanted to drop a quick blog regarding DC's latest event series Blackest Night. Let me first say that I don't regularly read Green Lantern or many of the core DC titles. However I have always been a sucker for their crossover series going back all the way to the first and best- Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Ok with that in mind I really liked it. Geoff Johns does a fantastic job of setting all the pieces in place in the story, making it understandable for readers- both new and those familiar with DC continuity. The art was very good. Ivan Reis followed the DC prototype when it comes to crossovers- tight panels with tons of detail and characters. And I want to mention the price since that is a hot topic in comics presently. The $3.99 cover price was well worth it because of the extra story pages and stiffer cover. A great issue and can't wait for the next.

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