Friday, October 17, 2008

The Venger: Undead Rising

I just finished the plot for the latest Venger story- The Venger: Undead Rising. My good friend Brett Wood and fantstic artist of Venger/Footpath: EndGame fame. I think the plot came out pretty well. Brett had approached me awhile back about doing a period story with the golden age Venger and zombies. I had a hard time at first nailing the right style for the story but after a few emails back and forth between myself and Brett I think we came up with an enjoyable action piece.

Brett has developed a great inkwash style that he will be using with this that really gives it the mood and period look. I'm sure you all will love it.

We are still working on the packaging for the story and where it will appear. Brett has a story of his own that he is writing and doing the art for- not featuring Venger- that he wants to include with this one. I'm thinking of making this part of my previously discussed Venger special. More details to come...

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