Saturday, April 08, 2006

Some New Stuff...

There have been a few additions to the blog. If you look down the right I've added a few more links, an artwork section powered by flickr and some Amazon choices at the bottom. Just a few things to keep it fresh.

These artwork samples are from the soon forthcoming Ronin Variations Presents anthology project. This is the book that features the same 6 page Venger story illustrated by 3 different artists of varying styles.

This is a cover design for the book by one of the artists, Mike MacMahon.

This next page is by Victor Cabenalas. He is using this very dramatic style with his pages.

And the final artist is Ben Harvey. I have already previewed some of his pages on the blog. He is doing his interpretation of the Venger in a manga style. Ben's pages are right now in the final inking stages. This is being handled by new Venger team member Michael Grey. Michael will also be drawing some short Venger pieces in the near future. These will most likely be appearing in The Venger: Sins and Secrets.
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