Monday, August 22, 2005

Avengers Annual #10

I realize that this is a big departure for the blog in that this post is not about the Venger. This is because on Jason's and Dadicus' blogs they have posted pics of the first comics they ever bought or were given. Comparing the years on these books it is pretty obvious I'm the old coot in the trio.

I can still remember walking up the street from the house I grew up in in New Jersey and going to the corner deli where I would always blow my allowance. It was either baseball cards, with the crappy gum, or comics. The deli never carried DC so I was a Marvel boy from early on.

But when I first saw this book I was captivated and have been since! That killer cover! All those exclamation points! The X-Men before they were overdone! Plus Rogue as a villian! Unfortunately I can't seem to find my copy anymore. Of course it was in pretty banged up shape from me reading and rereading it so many times.
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