Sunday, January 30, 2005

The Venger Pitch

This is a copy of the Venger pitch that I sent to Noble Larimer at Ronin Studios.


Created by Matthew D. Spatola

This is the story of a bitter, old man; a former hero who is now so driven for revenge against his greatest enemy, that there is nothing he won’t do to kill him, even if it means killing his own family in the process.


A terrible darkness has overcome the city. Crime is running rampant; death and destruction is everywhere. But amid the chaos and anarchy one man, Alexander Cabot, sees a pattern, a pattern that can only mean the return of the most evil person he has ever known.

In what seems like a lifetime ago, Cabot was a man of action. Back during the late 1930s through World War II and into the early years of the 1950s he was one of a number of costumed heroes who protected the city and the country from evil in all sorts of forms and guises. Calling himself ‘the Venger’ Cabot was a grim protector of the innocent, driven by his own need for revenge from witnessing so many senseless and brutal crimes.

Now he sees the city returning to the violence. And this particular violence can only mean the return of the one man who Cabot can say he truly hated. He was the one man who kept coming back and back and back. Always more violent than the last, with each encounter the two men became more entangled with each other, until the day where their personal war not only destroyed each other but innocent lives as well. And now he has returned…Hellspite.

However, while time seems to have stood still for Hellspite it has not for Cabot. He is old and weak; his time here on earth is not long. That is why he needs his grandson to carry on the legacy of the Venger. Hellspite must be destroyed by the Venger; the dance must come to an end.
But Michael Cabot does not want that. His career in the police force has shown him the need for justice in society, not for revenge. And Alexander knows this. He knows that there must be another way for Michael to see what needs to be done, that there is only one way to save the city and themselves.
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