Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Captain America movie costume

The last couple of days there has been a lot of rumor talk regarding the costume Chris Evans will be wearing in Marvel's Captain America: First Avenger movie that will be filming later this summer I believe. For months the bloggers have gone back and forth on what should and would the uniform he wears look like with alot of it focused on what looks good on film might not be the same as the comic. I love the character of Captain America. But I'm more of a realist and not a purist. I realize that what we see in the comic books every month just won't work in a motion picture. Remember that low budget Matt Salinger movie?

Well it seems that finally some of the concept art Marvel Studios is using to develop the uniform has been leaked. Check out for a look at all FOUR images. I have to say I approve. They look close to a combination of the designs Bryan Hitch did for 'The Ultimates' and 'Captain America Reborn'. They look realistic and purposeful and close to something that might be from WWII. And folks need to remember we will probably get another uniform for the Avengers movie too and that might be a little closer to his classic look.

costume design from the Captain America movie

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