Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Venger/Footpath: EndGame #1 now on sale

Finally! The long awaited crossover is now for sale. Thanks to the entire creative team for producing this book- Dustin, Brett, Brant and Al. I am so happy that it is available for everyone to enjoy. Be sure to click the link to get your copy from Indyplanet!


Here's the solicit...

** While on the trail of a hi-tech weapons smuggling ring Venger encounter the mysterious Footpath who appears to be after the same ring. Or is she? Or are they both pawns in someone else's EndGame?

From the pages of The Venger: Dead Man Rising and C.H.E.S.S comes this powerful one-shot crossover of two of Ronin's most exciting characters- Matt Spatola's Venger and Alfred Paige's Footpath.

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