Monday, March 28, 2005

Issue 1 Script Sample

The following is the finished script for the first three pages of The Venger: Dead Man Rising #1. Hopefully soon I'll post the finished pages of art that go with that script sample. The first page splash is fantastic, Jason is really doing a superb job with the art for the series.

Well here it is....

By Matthew Spatola
Issue 1 script

PAGE 1- One panel, Splash, ¾ of page with room for script down right side. The splash is a long shot of an eerie city in the evening, with dark foreboding buildings, smoking factories and elevated railways. Think early 1930s with a modern take on the architecture.

NARRATION- “…and so the recent increase of violence in the city continues. According to information from the police department’s public liaison officer, violent crimes have increased at the staggering rate of over 200%. Murder, rape arson and robbery have all more than doubled in the last three months.”

NARRATION- “At today’s press conference, police chief Gary Donahue offered no explanation for the sudden increase, labeling it more as a ‘statistical anomaly’ and not a disturbing sign of a new crime trend. He implored the city’s citizens to continue their support of the department and their vigilance through what he calls a ‘temporary crisis’.”

NARRATION- “The mayor’s office, represented at the press conference by the mayor’s chief of staff and public information officer Brian Gall, has been in contact with state and federal emergency management authorities in developing a task force to attack the violence problem.”

NARRATION- “Citizen’s groups have been highly critical of both the mayor and the police chief throughout this crisis, labeling them as ‘ineffective’ or even ‘unconcerned’. Some political insiders have joined in with the citizen’s groups calling for numerous resignations in the mayor’s administration from the mayor on down.”

NARRATION- “Naturally all of this turmoil has given fodder for a variety of theories from internet conspiracy buffs, ranging from the crisis being the mayor’s attempt at a power grab to a foreign terrorist plot at destabilizing our city to the supernatural belief that ‘there is an evil at work’.”

PAGE 2, 4 panels

Panel 1- shot of a TV newswoman at an anchor desk, she is in her late 20s, dark hair and dressed very trendy. The panel looks very ‘Fox News’-like but in this case ‘Bennett News’, with her name, Kristina Wells, “A City in Crisis” as a story title and a news-crawl at the bottom of the screen which reads: Crime continues to rise…no end in sight.

KWells- “This afternoon’s press conference was in response to the public outcry over yesterday’s arson and murder at Saint Luke’s Catholic Church. The body of Father Robert Kauffman, 64, was found in an alley behind the rectory by a parish employee. At the same time firefighters were called to the scene to battle a blaze that had engulfed half of the church by the time the first responders had arrived.”

Panel 2- This is a screen shot of a typical church, design-wise, engulfed in flames, with fire department activity seen around such as ladder trucks, hoses, emergency vehicles etc.

KWells-caption- “Initial reports by the police crime scene team list the cause of death for Father Kauffman as multiple gun shot and stab wounds. Damage estimates for the two hundred year old landmark are in the millions.”

Panel 3- Overhead shot of Father Kauffman’s body on sidewalk, with crime scene tape and a sheet over body with hair and shoes still visible. There are blood stain on the sheet in three or four spots and cops around the body investigating the scene.

KWells –caption, between Panels 2 and 3- “Father Kauffman’s vicious murder is the latest in the series of unrelated murders plaguing the city during this crisis. Parishioners of St. Luke’s have scheduled a candlelight ceremony tonight in remembrance of Father Kauffman and all the victims of the recent violence.”

Panel 4- Another shot of Kristina Wells at the anchor desk, this time it is blurry or with lines to show that we are looking at someone’s TV screen.

KWells-caption, left of panel 4- “Father Kauffman’s killing brings the murder toll to11 and still police do not believe that these deaths are in any way connected or the work of a serial killer.”

PAGE 3, 4 panels

Panel 1- This is an over the shoulder view of an old man sitting in his living room intently watching his TV from his wingback chair. Next to him is a table with pictures, books, papers and medicine bottles. On the TV screen is the same picture as Page 2, panel 4.

KWells-on TV- “Please stay tuned to Bennett News for continuing coverage of: A City in Crisis. And now back to your regularly scheduled programming.”

Panel 2- From the viewpoint of the TV- The old man is Alexander Cabot; in his mid 80s but looks twenty years younger. He has a full head of grey hair and is in exceptional health for a man his age. The same pictures, books, papers and medicine bottles from previous panel are still visible. Hanging on the large wall behind him are numerous framed newspaper clippings and old photos; all different sizes.

Cabot- thought caption- “This city IS in crisis my dear…just like before…”

Panel 3- A wide shot, close up of Cabot’s face; focus on his eyes and bridge of his nose. His eyes must show his drive, seriousness and energy.

Cabot- thought caption-“…just like before.”

Panel 4- A wide shot of Cabot walking by the wall of clippings with the wall on our right, his left.

Cabot- thought caption- “All of this has happened before; the violence and the deaths. I was a part of that violence. And I know what this means; he’s coming back…again. Damn him. This time though I will send him to hell myself.”
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